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Window Restrictors Dublin

Are you looking for an emergency assistance for your home or property regarding the window restrictors’ supply and installation? Is the opening section of your window facing difficulty due to the harshness of the weather or usage purposes?

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Rented Residential Property Standards Requirements

There must be suitable safety restrictors attached to a window which has an opening through which a person may fall and the bottom of the opening is more than 1400mm above the
external ground level.

Suitable safety window restrictors must secure the window sufficiently to prevent such falls.

Lockable restrictors that can only be released by removable keys or other tools should not be fitted to window opening sections.

Worried about the durability of the window restrictors that you are about to install for your residential or commercial property?

Window Restrictor Experts

With our expert knowledge, you can experience a excellent service for all kind of queries related to the window restrictors supply and installations.

Our team of professionals are completely aware of the functioning of the integrated restrictors for every kinds of windows for various properties.

The high-quality window restrictors that are supplied and installed at the clients’ places come in both integrated and face mounted mode.

The bespoke hardware solutions by our dedicated team along with the superior quality of the manufactured window restrictors make them suitable to be hired for every situation.

The two kinds of restrictors – face mounted and integrated come with their own set of features that are ideal.

We provide complete assistance to our clients while selecting the right kind of window restrictor depending on their requirements.

The supplying and installation services for the window restrictors are done in a professional way, ensuring them to withstand much greater force and harsh weather of Ireland.

We also make sure that the window restrictors supply and installations are as per the safety guidelines with complete efficiency.

After a thorough inspection and consultation with the clients, we schedule the installation of the window restrictors at their place.

We are also skillful enough to supply the window restrictors to ease off the clients’ worry.

The window safety devices are fitted with complete precision and the certification for their safety are ensured as well. Our services are tailor-made proving to be highly competent and effective for the clients in and around in Dublin.

Be it for child safety or protection from intruders, these window restrictors are extremely useful with high durability and tested methods that make them sturdy enough to withstand any kind of force.

Our team help the clients with not only supplying and installation of the window restrictors, but we also repair and replace the existing restrictors and make
sure that the clients are in safe hands.

Give us a call today for lucrative offers on window restrictors and emergency assistance that we will readily extend in any area of Dublin.