Boarding Up Services

Boarding Up Services

At Door Repair Dublin, we provide excellent boarding up services for all types of domestic and commercial properties and buildings in Dublin. We use brand new timber boarding to secure your premises 24 hours a day.

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We are a PSA Certified boarding up service providing quality timber boards cut precisely to size to fit and secure your doors, windows and glass.

You can count on our services for your home or workplace during your time of need.

Often the requirement for a boarding up service is needed due to a break-in, burglary or even a broken windows so you can rest assured knowing that we will treat your call as a matter of urgency and arrive within 30 minutes of your call ending.

Our emergency boarding up experts will respond and attend day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Boarding Up Services

  • Houses – Windows, Doors, Garages
  • Shopfront Boarding Up
  • Hotel Boarding Up
  • School Boarding Up
  • Pubs Boarding Up
  • Offices Boarding Up
  • Warehouses Boarding Up
  • Building Sites Boarding Up

Whatever the circumstances you must focus on securing your property to ensure no further problems can happen.

We are a trusted Garda contractor and will arrive at your property in under 30 minutes to install a quality boarding-up job with or without access points.

We will board up your windows or door if required and carry out lock, glass and door repairs to ensure maximum security.

Vacant Property Boarding Up in Dublin

It is heavily advised that you do not leave your vacant commercial property unprotected if you wish to maintain your insurance cover.

To board up the doors and windows of a vacant property is often required to ensure no complication regarding opportunist squatters, arsonists, vandals and anybody else that poses a risk to your investments.

Skylight Window Boarding Up

Roofers Dublin are experienced professionals who provide a comprehensive service for boarding up skylight windows across the capital.

Our team of highly-trained specialists have vast experience working with a variety of skylight windows, ensuring that each one is securely sealed and properly insulated.

We can board up any window, regardless of size or shape, allowing you to have peace of mind that your property is secure against any potential intruders or other weather-related damage.

We understand how important it is for you to have your skylight windows boarded up quickly and efficiently, so we offer a fast turnaround time on all our services.

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Boarding Up FAQ

⛔️ Why board up you home or business?

Owners sometimes board up vacant homes and businesses to protect them from vandalism and theft. The main reason in both cases is to prevent trespassing and entry.

? How much does it cost to board up a house?

The cost of boarding up a house can all depend on a number of factors. How many windows, doors and other entry points. You can contact us in minutes and get a free quote over the phone.

⚠️ What is emergency boarding up services?

Emergency Boarding Up Services is if your home or business incurs burglary, storm or fire damage resulting in an opening in your building you may be in need of emergency board up services. If you need a emergency boarding up service contact us for a free quote.

⏰ Is your boarding up service 24 hours?

Yes, we provide a emergency 24 hour boarding service in Dublin. You can contact us and we will give you a quote over the phone no matter what the time it is!