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Composite Door Repair DublinDo you need your Composite Door Repaired or Replaced? We specialise in repairing and replacing 99% of composite doors in 99% of homes in Dublin and surrounding counties. There are plenty of possible issues which may cause your composite door to be repaired and we are the guys to help you!

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A composite door is a type of door which is made up of materials like glass-reinforced plastic, PVC, insulating foam and wood which are all resistant to changing weather. This should be built with standard security and quality, making it more practical to use.

Having a low-quality type of composite door will expose your home to threats and thieves. Therefore, it is better to invest in a high-quality type of composite door than risking your family’s safety.

Door Repairs Dublin is focused on security and safety of every household. Therefore, we only use high-security anti-snap locks to strengthen the security of your family home and commercial properties.

Composite doors also encounter common problems is the locking failure. In case this happens, it is a big problem if you will close because you may be either locked inside or outside of your house. This is because of its poor alignment upon dropping or twisting of the door.

Another cause of its failure is if the frame and its door are misaligned. This also may happen if it was installed incorrectly. You will just notice the problem if you close the door and the handle is difficult to lift if you need to lock it.

We provide a 100% guarantee to fix it immediately the first time we handle the problem. We do not only fix the problems with composite doors, we can even handle letterboxes issues. We make sure that letterbox is properly fit to make it difficult for the intruder or burglar to make use of its opening to access your lock and gain access inside your home.

Extremely fast, professional door technician Paul who replaced our composite door lock. After replacing the damaged lock Paul recommended the proper security measures and cleaned up any mess. Would use these guys again without reservation.
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