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French Door Repairs

French Door Repair & Install Dublin

French Door Repair DublinDo you need your French Door Repaired, Replaced or even a new one installed? We specialise in repairing and replacing 99% of french doors in 99% of homes in Dublin and surrounding counties. There are plenty of possible issues which may cause your french door to be repaired or replaced and we are the experts to help you!

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French doors have door framing and panels made up of translucent glass called lights and they can either be single or double doors. They commonly used for patio doors and they are also favored by most commercial establishments because of its classy and elegant look. Seeing a French door in a shop leaves a good impression on customers.

French door should have proper maintenance since it is the house’s main security and protection against the threat of burglars and thieves. If they are not maintained well, they cannot perform their primary function.

Most common french door problems are its hinges. They often need a good adjustment if it needs to be rolled since the weight of the door hangs on its hinges. If the hinges cannot carry the weight, it suddenly loosens and this is a serious security problems.

There are also certain cases where the French doors overlap. They need to have a tighter seal to avoid drafts or water leaking inside the door. This is a problem that needs immediate attention. It is not only prone to elements like water or draft, but it is also risky for burglars and thieves if they found out that the door is not working properly.

Extremely fast, professional door technician Paul who replaced our french door hinges. After repairing and replacing the damaged hinges on both sides of the french door he recommended the proper security measures and cleaned up any mess. Would use these guys again without reservation.
French Door Repaired
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